WPO Attends EU Athletes Forum 2013

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The Water Polo Players’ Organization (WPO) Attends Annual General Meeting of EU Athletes

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Eu Athlets 1 WPO Attends EU Athletes Forum 2013   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Worldwide, November 4th, 2013- Alessandro Oliverio and George Reppas represented the WPO at the EU Athletes meeting and were afforded the opportunity to introduce the WPO to various other member players’ associations of EU Athletes. “This first WPO outing was highly successful, given the fact that we were able to make ourselves known to other sport representatives from countries all over Europe,” reports Reppas. “More importantly, we had the opportunity to interact with organizations with similar scopes to our own, and benefit from their vast experience, especially on matters regarding organization and operation. The general feeling was a very good one and ultimately EU Athletes extended a hand of cooperation towards the WPO, reassuring us that they are on our side ready to assist and advise us as we develop”.

Eu Atletes 3 300x200 WPO Attends EU Athletes Forum 2013   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)EU Athletes is a federation comprised of European player associations and athlete unions representing more than 35 national associations and 25,000 individual athletes across the continent and across various sporting disciplines. The group focuses on educational programs and awareness-raising campaigns backed by the support of the European Commission. They are the second largest athlete association in Europe, behind the European division of FIFPRO (soccer), and participate in the social dialogue proceedings organized by the European Union that aim to tackle several very important social topics. In practice, EU Athletes obtains feedback from its members and makes specific proposals to the European Union. These proposals, combined with ones from other organizations, political groups or parties, will eventually lead to new legislation introduced by the European Union to all member countries.

Eu Athletes 2 300x200 WPO Attends EU Athletes Forum 2013   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)During this specific October gathering, EU Athletes introduced the PROtect Integrity project, which aims to promote effective tutorials for players on sports betting integrity and the prevention of match fixing. The WPO was welcomed to join in the prolonged discussion even though the group was attending under observer status.

In the near future, the WPO aims to launch WPO Community Service, a private forum where water polo players will be informed about similar issues to those discussed at the EU Athletes meeting. The service will include any initiatives designed to address the moral and physical integrity of players.

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