Member Services

 Member Services   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)

All WPO Members who have completed the online enrollment form will have access to the basic Member Services listed below.

  • Provision of the Player-Club contract model, certified by the WPO: this model contract will vary by country and establish the rules and principles designed to protect players’ rights.  It will be available for athletes to use as a basis for their personal contracts.
  • Country Database Service: the WPO is the owner of the Global Club Database, a collection of information, feedback, contacts and ratings of water polo clubs and organizations, sorted by country. WPO members can request information or solicit opinions about specific clubs from their respective country delegates.
  • WPO Monthly Newsletter: WPO members will receive this monthly correspondence via email, complete with updates on WPO activities and events.
  • WPO Community: WPO members are able to join and participate in the WPO Forum, where users can share information, opinions & ideas about the WPO and water polo in general. The use of the WPO Forum is restricted to WPO members.
  • Maintaining and developing relationships with governing water polo bodies
  • The organization of WPO events
  • The promotion and establishment of local players’ associations and commissions

For any questions regarding Member Services please send an email to