Become a Country Delegate

 Become a Country Delegate   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)

WPO Country Delegate Responsibilities:

1) Bring all players together: WPO delegates are in charge of promoting the Organization among water polo players within their respective countries, as well as encouraging them to sign up as members on the WPO website (FREE for the first year).

2) Create a email address (ex: in order to share information with the WPO Board, Founders & other members.

3) Manage the respective WPO Country Database (File): These individual domestic databases will be shared with the WPO via Google Drive and are comprised of 3 sheets: a) WPO Member List b) Club List and c) Contact List [including press – business– individuals – institutions and organizations].

The WPO envisions enlisting 2 male & 2 female Country Delegates within each representative country.

If you are interested in becoming a Country Delegate, please send a detailed email to