Who We Are

 Who We Are   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)

The WPO is a non-profit independent international association encompassing current athletes, former players and amateurs in the sport from around the world.

The Organization was conceived by a small group of athletes and other key figures that are currently working together as founders of the association, with a mission to increase the solidarity of water polo players around the globe.

The Organization’s main goals are to promote and develop water polo and provide member support for water polo players internationally.  The Organization will also develop relations with the governing bodies of water polo and collaborate with local players’ associations, interest groups and other organizations.

The Organization will develop an international standard for negotiating and fulfilling water polo contracts, increasing security for athletes. In conclusion, the WPO will serve as the exclusive collective international voice of the world’s water polo athletes and give them a say in the global development of the sport.