Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Kan Aoyagi (Japan)

Kan was the Japanese National Team Captain from 2010- 2011 and has also played professionally since 2000. He began his career in Spain playing for CN Sant Andreu (2000-01), followed by stints at Tsukuba University Japan (01-04), Bergamo Nuoto Italy (04-06), Bresica Italy (06-07), Budva Montenegro (07-09) and Bourbon KZ Japan (2010-12). He has also worked as coach at the Nigata Sangyo University since 2009, and formed the Bourbon Water Polo Club Kashiwazaki, where as coach he led them to become Japanese Champions in 2012.


 Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Tony Azevedo (USA)

Tony is a 4X Olympian (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 & London 2012) and Captain of the USA Men’s National Team since 2008 (he has been a member of the National Team since 1999). He helped the US Team bring home the silver medal from Beijing, led them to 4 Pan American gold medals, and has participated in 6 Fina World Championships and 9 Fina World Super Leagues. Tony began his professional water polo career with Bissolati Cremona (2005- 2007), followed by a stint at JUG Dubrovnik (2008), then Primorac Kotor (2009- 2011), Fluminense Brazil (2011) and is now again playing for JUG Dubrovnik for the 2012- 13 season. Tony graduated from Stanford University in 2005 with a degree in International Relations.


 Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Miho Boskovic (Croatia)

Miho has been a member of the Croatian National Team since 2005, as well as playing professionally for JUG Dubrovnik for most of his career. At JUG he has won the LEN Euro League Championship 2006, the European Supercup, and several other National Championships and Cups. He also took two years (2010-11) to play for Vasas in Hungary, but has since returned to Dubrovnik for the 2012-13 season. Miho helped lead the Croatian team to the gold medal in the London Olympics (2012) as well as to numerous medals in 3 World Championships (2007, 09, 11), 1 World Cup (2010) and 4 Fina World Leagues (2009, 10, 11, 12).


Adam Decker 150x150 Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Adam Decker (Hungary)

Adam is a Youth European Champion silver medalist from the Junior World Cup. He played for BVSC, then for Eger, where he participated in the Finals in the Hungarian Championship and the LEN Trophy. He joined his current club Vasas in 2009, where he has won the Hungarian Cup and the Hungarian Championship. Besides his career as a professional athlete, he also works as Sales Manager for a trading company and is the co-founder and owner of


Tania di Mario Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Tania Di Mario (Italy)

Tania has been a member of the Italian Women’s National Team since 1999. She has participated in 3 Olympic Games, bringing home the gold medal and the MVP title in 2004. She has also won the gold medal (2001) and the silver medal (2003) at World Championships as well as become a 3X gold medallist at European Championships (1999, 2003 & 2012). She is currently the Captain of the Orizzonte Catania professional team and has won 13 Italian Championships and 7 LEN Champions Cups. Outside of the pool, Tania graduated in Economics and was inducted with the Order of Merit of the Republic.


Maurizio Felugo Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Maurizio Felugo (Italy)

Maurizio is an italian attacker. He has played in 3 Olympic Games and recently won the silver medal in London 2012. He has played in 6 World Championships, including a gold medal finish in Shanghai 2011 and a silver in Barcelona 2003. Maurizio starting playing professionally for Chiavari Nuoto in Italy and after a period at Savona and Possillipo, he now plays for Pro Recco. He has won 7 National Championships, 5 Euroleague Titles, 4 Supercups and an Adriatic League Title, making him one of the most decorated players in the sport. Outside of the water, Maurizio is also a leader in his community and involved in various charity projects.


 Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Kevin Jonathon Graham (Canada)

Kevin has been a member of the Canadian National Team since 2004 and has acted as Captain since 2012. He has participated in 4 World Championships: Montreal 2005, Melbourne 2007, Rome 2009 and Shanghai 2011. He also helped lead his team to the bronze medal in the 2007 Pan American Games, the silver in the 2011 Pan American Games, and participated in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Kevin has played professionally since 2006, beginning with the Sydney West Magpies (2006/07). He then played for Herceg Novi from 2007-09, where he became a Cup Winner and National Champion. He currently plays for Eger (since 2009) where he became a National Champion in 2011.


 Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Nikola Janovic (Montenegro)

Nikola is originally from Kotor, Montenegro and began his professional career with Primorac Kotor in 1994. He has also played for notable clubs Becej Serbia, Jadran Herzeg Novi and Possillipo Naples. Considered one of the best players in the world, he has played for the Serbian National team since he was18 years old and became Captain of the Montenegrin Olympic Team in 2006, once they separated from Serbia. He participated in both the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.


Maro Jokovic 150x150b Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Maro Jokovic (Croatia)

Maro is a member of the Croatian National Team and has also played professionally for JUG Dubrovnik since the age of 14 (and helped lead the team to the Euro League Championship title in 2006). He won the gold medal with the Croatian Team at the London Olympics (2012), and has also brought home medals from 2 World Championships (2007, 11), 1 World Cup (2010) and 3 Final World Leagues (2010, 11, 12). Apart from his water polo career, he is also currently studying Economics at the University of Dubronvik.


Gergely Kiss 150x150 Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Gergely Kiss (Hungary)

Gergely has played in the Division I professional league for 20 years, including 15 years in Hungary, 3 in Italy and 2 in Montenegro. He has also played over 450 games in the league along with 350 with the Hungarian National Team. He has won 3 Champions League gold medals, 1 FINA Cup gold, 2 World League golds, 2 European Championship golds, 1 World Cup gold and 3 Olympic gold medals. Apart from his water polo career he also works in PR and as a sports journalist and recently graduated with a degree in Sports Law from the faculty in Budapest.


Ge Weiging Mars

Ge Weiging Mars (China)

Ge has been the goalie on the Shanghai professional water polo team since 1993, and the goalie for the Chinese National Team since 1999. He has participated in 5 World Championships, 6 World Leagues, 1 World Cup and 1 Olympics (Beijing 2008). His career highlights include a gold medal at the Asian Games in Doha 2006, a silver medal at the Chinese National Sports Game in 2009, as well as two golds at this same tournament in 2005/01. Ge has also helped lead his professional team to become National Champions for 10 years between 1999 and 2009.


 Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Merrill Moses (USA)

Merrill is a silver medalist and goalkeeper for the United States Olympic Team. He has participated in two Olympics and was voted best goalie in the world at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. He has played overseas professionally in Spain and Nervi, Italy. He currently coaches at Pepperdine University, his alma mater. While playing at Pepperdine, he helped lead his team to their only National Championship.


Alessandro Oliverio1 e1359609649207 147x150 Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Alessandro Oliverio (Italy)

Alessandro was born in Rome, where he continues to reside. He is a former water polo player and spent his career in the top leagues in Italy, the Netherlands and Germany. His last tournament was the Tom Hoad Cup in 2011. Apart from water polo, Alessandro also studied law and was admitted to the Bar in 2005. He currently works as an Attorney at Law at the Oliverio Law Firm ( where he specializes in business, corporate and sports law. He is fluent in English and Italian.


Felipe Perrone 150x150 Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Felipe Perrone (Brazil- Spain)

Felipe was born in Brazil and moved to Spain in 2002 to play for Barcelona. Since that time, he has stayed in Europe and played professionally for Barceloneta, Savona and Pro Recco Italy. He has won the Len Trophy, the Super Cup and Champions League. Aside from his professional career, Felipe gained dual citizenship and has played for the Spanish Olympic team since 2008. He is considered one of the best players in the world.


Kiko Perrone Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Kiko Perrone (Brazil- Spain)

Kiko has been a longtime member of the Brazilian National Team. Like his brother Felipe, he also gained dual citizenship and began playing for the Spanish National Team early in his career. He participated in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and has played professionally in Brazil as well as Barcelona.


 Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Andrija Prlainovic (Serbia)

Andrija is a two-time Olympic Bronze medalist from Serbia and was the leading scorer at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. He has played professionally for Jadran Herzeg Novi, Partizan, Pro Recco and Red Star, and won the Champions League Title with both Partizan and Pro Recco. Considered one of the best players in the world, he also helped his team bring home the gold medal from World Championships in Rome 2009 and the silver medal from World Championships in Shanghai 2011.


 Founders   Water Polo Players Organization (WPO)Brenda Villa (USA)

Brenda is the most decorated female water polo player as well as a four-time Olympic medalist (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, and London 2012) and World Champion (2003, 2007, 2009). Named the “FINA Female Water Polo Player of the Decade” for the 2000s, Brenda is an accomplished scorer and passer, and has competed with the USA Women’s National Team for the last 16 years. As an undergraduate at Stanford University, she won the 2002 Peter J. Cutino Award as the top female college water polo player and subsequently received her BA in 2003 in Political Science. Brenda also co-founded a non-profit, Project 2020, which strives to introduce aquatic sports to youth who would otherwise not have access.